These rules are mandatory to run a smooth-sailing wiki. Have fun, and try to contribute often, but read below...


Aricles can be about any food or drink item, and must contain information such as:

  • Origin
  • Nutritional Value
  • Common uses in food preparation
  • Any purposes outside of food preparation

This and more should be included.

Talk pages are only used to discuss on-wiki matters. Matters from other wikis, or about non-food topics is prohibited, and must be saved for Special:Chat. However, an op may decide to block a user if he/she uses the wiki only for the social areas, and doesn't contribute. Vandalising, trolling, spamming, sockpuppeting or op abuse, (See Admin Rules) will lead to the consequences listed below:

Consequences for Rule-Breaking:

After a user breaks the rules, these are instructions for the op who catches the unacceptable behavior. The consequence is either a block, community service, or to be let off the hook with a warning. First, the op who catches a rule-breaker will alert them on their talk page to stop editing immeadiately until further notice. Then they will select a few other ops from the list, and they will gather on one of their talk-pages, and discuss the issue, deciding on one of the 3 consequences. During the discussion, the rule-breaker can contribute, to fight for their side.

Off The Hook: If the user is decided to be let off the hook, they will be free to edit again, and will receive a warning on their talk page to (hopefully) prevent further rule-breaking.

Community Service: If this option for punishment is chosen, the user who broke the rules can do nothing on the wiki outside of cleaning it up. They will receive a ban from Special:Chat, and anything they do on the wiki for a given time by the admins will be either erasing vandalism, deleting trolling messages, or tending to articles in need of cleanup. Users sentenced to community service can receive requests on their talk pages to tend to some cleanup of wiki content. The op who sentenced them will have to constantly check the activity log to see what the user is doing. If the user does anything outside of cleaning the wiki, they are confirmed to receive a block. Once the given time is up, the user is free. NOTE: Community Service may NOT be issued as an indefinite punishment! However, the user may choose to not show up for the given time, but the punishment will not go away until they do their community service for the given time.

Block: If THIS option is chosen, the op who set the user to trial will issue a block. The block can be whatever length the admin sees fit, but it cannot be shorter than 3 days. Users can only be unblocked by the op who blocked them.

Admin Rules:

These rules are meant only for admins, or higher positions to read and abide by!

How to Become an Op:

It's simple really. Be an active contributor, and request adminship if you think you deserve it, and we may consider promoting you. You can also request bureaucratship. but only admins can do so.

Op Duties:

Ops have the abilities to nominate articles for deletion, lock content, and block users. However, admins are NOT kings! Meanig if an admin abuses their op, (e.g. blocking a user for the heck of it, when they didn't do anything wrong), they will get demoted down by one position. So a bureaucrat who abuses their op will be demoted to a standard admin, and down more through subsequent op abuses. After the op is completely brought down to a standard user, the consequences listed above will come into play.

Chatroom Rules:

The chatroom is a place to socialize. You can either discuss wiki matters, or discuss other topics. Always follow these rules listed below.

  1. Do NOT troll other users. Some users may be easily offended by certain comments. Insults and trash talk are prohibited, and users will receive a ban if this is done excessively.
  2. Do NOT talk about profanity, sexuality, or anything overly graphic or disturbing.
  3. Do NOT spam the chat. Excessive or unecessary uses of faces, caps, swearing, or repeated use of a phrase counts as spam.
  4. Do NOT constantly attempt to change the topic. This will result in a kick or a ban if this is excessively done. If you do not like the current topic, then either sit through it, or leave.

Channel Mods:

This list is a list of chat mods, who patrol the chat. Always listen to these people when they ask you to do something. If you persistently do not, you will be banned. Also, even if there are no ops on chat, that does not mean that you are free to break the rules. If you catch someone breaking the chat rules, you must notify it to an operator, and they will issue consequences the next time they see the user on chat.

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