Here in the Food Arena, users may place votes on each round that happens. The rounds will involve a food vs. another food, and we declare a winner based on which gets the most votes.

The Rules:Edit

  1. Do not vandalise the arena.
  2. Trolling here is not allowed.
  3. No sockpuppeting. Sockpuppets may be used to get more votes into the rounds. You will be banned for sockpuppetry if this occurs.
  4. Only one vote per user.
  5. Do not delete votes, or move them around. This includes your own votes.
  6. Always sign your votes. 

Round 1: Regular Bacon vs. Turkey Bacon:Edit

The classic breakfast item you get when you combine smokiness and cured pork. Will the original reign supreme as it always has, or will its healthier, hard-to-make-crispy counterpart steal its thunder??

Votes for Bacon:Edit

Votes for Turkey Bacon:Edit


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