Chopped is a competitive show on Food Network hosted by Ted Allen. It has a spin-off called "Chopped All-Stars".

How the Show Works:Edit

Four chefs are selected to participate in the competition to see who is the "Chopped Champion". There are three rounds: Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert. In each round, each chef must incorporate the mystery ingredients in the basket into their dish. After the time runs out, the dishes are presented to the panel of three judges. They will critique the food, and decide which contestant to eliminate, or "chop".

Recurring Judges:Edit


  • It is to note that when the judges taste the food, so does Ted Allen.
  • In each basket, there is always an ingredient that doesn't normally go with the particular course the contestants must make. 
  • Aside from the recurring judges, there is occasionally a guest judge.

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